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Our Tissue Mill is Distinguished...

MTM factory established according to the latest technology systems of tissue paper making, in cooperation with the top notch industry expertise we succeeded to deploy the best available technology know for the industry, and constantly develop in-house innovative tools to ensure that we offer high quality products of international standards, while following the best practices to preserve our natural resources.

Quality is our
  •  MTM places paramount importance to numerous well-structured manufacturing/processing procedures
  •  MTM is known for pursuing excellence through a process of planned procedures that leads to Commitment to quality and excellence.
  •  MTM only uses the highest-grade virgin pulp.
  •  MTM products are produced in line with globally accepted standards mainly set by leading converters
  •  Every department ensures the implementation of cohesive quality systems
  •   MTM holds ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and BS- OHSAS 18001:2007
  •  Till date the mill has maintained a zero% accident record
  •  MTM staff are highly qualified the mill hires only the best in the industry to continue maintaining standards
  •  The mill places robust prominence on environmental friendly procedures and strict health, safety and security systems.

The Production Process



The virgin pulp bales are picked up from the warehouse and placed on loading belts and sent to the “pulpers” where the 100% virgin pulp is mixed with a lot of water to produce tissue-paper stock, which is sprayed onto screens of mesh to drain the water.


Pressing & parent reel formation

The mixture is blown onto a screen, and then placed on felt, which carries it to an enormous cast iron or steel (Yankee) cylinder that is heated to 100° centigrade. Here, hoods blow hot air (450°) to dry the sheet, which is then rolled up to form the parent reel.


Product specification control

The parent reels are checked to ensure that they comply with the main physical and technical parameters required for each type of use. Sample-based checks are carried out for other special requirements.


Rewinder multiple ply bonding

The parent reels start out as single ply paper. This machine bonds two, three or four plies depending on the specific needs of the product being made.


Wrapping & Warehousing 

The reels arriving from the re-winder are wrapped with a plastic film and labelled, then carried to the warehouse where they are stored until they are shipped to customers.

Sites & Production

The factory is located in Borg Arab industrial zone in Alexandria Governorate on an area of 35,000 square meters plots No. 1-5 / 6-17 / 18-22, Since its inception, the mill has built a reputation for producing world-class tissue paper from the highest-grade virgin pulp. The mill also houses one of the most advanced de-inking plant that is engaged in converting waste paper into commercial/industrial high quality tissue paper.

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