We are fortunate to have a dedicated, skilled workforce with exceptional experience and knowledge. We are enhancing this labor force with the next generation which will take us to even higher levels. 

Work Sites and Production

  • The factory is located in Borg Arab, Alexandria Governorate on an area of 35000 square meters cut No. 1-5 / 6-17 / 18-22.
  • Headquarters Sales Management in Heliopolis in Cairo 47 Cleopatra Street - Heliopolis - Cairo

    The factory was established according to the latest technology systems paper industry health in the world using the expertise of international companies specialized in the development of basic designs, as well as local companies specializing in business studies and detailed implementation.

    Also taken into account in the design and construction to achieve the highest levels of safety in the implementation and operation has Design a factory on an area of nine acres a comprehensive repositories of raw parts and the final product.
    The plant operates through the power plant to generate electric power and natural gas-fired power plant for his waste water treatment with re-used again in the production processes to preserve the environment.

Control systems to monitor operations

The design and implementation of this project was through using the latest electronic control systems through a distributive control system, which contains the control circuits and control operations in addition to the control units and remote monitoring devices and programmed to run the various units. (DCS)