About Us
We are producing "Prime Quality" Tissues in Jumbo Rolls from 100% Virgin Pulp in various grades such as Facial, Toilet, Kitchen Towel, Napkin, Pocket, C-Fold and Carrier Tissue in 1, 2 & 3 Plies. 

Mediterranean Tissue Mill was established in 2007 as an Egyptian joint stock company, a leading manufacturer of tissue paper in the Arab world, and in 2009 we started our regular production for 100% Virgin Pulp tissue paper.

Mediterranean Tissue Mill is specialized in manufacturing Jumbo Rolls of Hygienic tissue paper made from 100 %virgin Pulp “Prime Quality” using the latest techniques and applying quality criteria in every stage of Production.

From the beginning our Jumbo Rolls performance and reliability started to attract the biggest customers in Egypt and in the surrounding markets until our customers’ network has expanded in many regions all over the world such as Europe, North, Central & West Africa and the Middle East, for this reason we started up PM2 paper machine to cover the increasing tissue market demands for our parent rolls.



Human Resources

Human Resources


The company awareness of the value of the human element and its effective role in the production process is a key objective in raising the wheel of production and development within the company.
Mediterranean Tissue Mill management team has the prime responsibility for building and sustaining an environment where the team has a sense of personal commitment to their work and continuously to improve measures aimed at enhancing human performance through offering a comprehensive range of training activities and methodologies to support its staff learning and growth.

Therefore, the mission of the company management team is to provide professional guidance to the employees aiming to deliver superior business results by optimizing the performance of its staff, while ensuring exemplary working conditions.